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Power anywhere !

Power anywhere!

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Mark Tomkins is providing technical and project management support to Emrod Energy in the development of commercial grade systems for the wireless transfer of power over long distances.  This technology is quite different from the short-range inductive technology used to wireless charge phones and the like.  Instead it uses focused microwave beams in the near-field region to deliver kW’s or MW’s of power over distances of 100’s or 1000’s of metres. The only limitation is the size of the antenna and having line of sight between the transmitting and receiving antennas.  The New Zealand Government innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation, is providing support and has seconded distinguished scientist Dr Ray Simpkin for the development. Emrod already has a small “table top” unit in operation and is working towards a prototype to deliver 6kW of power over 40m before the end of the year.

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