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Richard Charles attempts the Northburn 100 mile race


Ergo's resident extreme athlete, Richard Charles, travelled to Cromwell (South Island, NZ) to participate in the Northburn 11, a 100 mile foot race through the hills surrounding Cromwell. The race attracts entrants from all over the country and consists of 3 'circuits', each different and each ranging 50-60kms in length.

The winner of the race completed the full 100 miles (161kms) in just over 22 hours.

Unfortunately, Richard suffered a drop in his blood sugar levels on a climb during the first circuit, and struggled to maintain them for another 8 hours, before losing consciousness and falling off the track. He called for assistance, and was subsequently escorted off the track and to the medic tent. The image show Richard in the medic tent, recoving from his experience. Richard says he is disappointed not to complete the race, but at Ergo we are just glad he is back with us in one piece!

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