A new substation alongside the Otago Rail Trail

Ergo has recently kicked off the design of the Omakau Substation in Otago with Aurora Energy. What appears to be a standard greenfield substation build to replace the existing substation, this project has several unique features.

The project will be installed in a staged manner, starting with the installation of the mobile substation parking bay and a control room. This will cut into the 33 kV circuit that passes close to the site boundary and enables the mobile substation to be quickly deployed to the site should a major fault occur at the existing substation. The second stage will see the installation of a 33/11 kV transformer and dedicated 11 kV switchboard. This will be the permanent configuration for the site and will replace the old substation. Stage 2 further enhances security to the area while still retaining the mobile substation parking area for use in planned and unplanned outages.

Both the control room and the stage 2 switchroom will utilise transportable buildings, to minimise construction time-on-site and speed up the overall project.

While the site will be using DC batteries for all control and radio equipment, certain network scenarios require the inclusion of a 50 kVA generator for “black-start” operation.

Ergo is working with Aurora Energy as one of the recently appointed design panel members.

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