Ergo Engineering Scholarship

The Ergo Engineering Scholarship has been established to help promote the study of electrical engineering in New Zealand and to encourage and support students in their academic achievements and future engineering career paths. In addition, its purpose is to build a pipeline of talent for Ergo. 

Eligibility and selection – do I qualify?

Ergo seeks applications from Year 13 students prior to commencing their university studies. Sometimes these students will have already completed an internship with Ergo and demonstrated the following:

  • Academic achievement
  • Genuine interest in electrical and power systems engineering
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership potential
  • Potential to add value to Ergo and the engineering profession
  • Performance potential at interviews
    To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Be interested in and/or looking to apply to study in the engineering faculty at either the University of Auckland or the University of Canterbury.
  • Willing to work at Ergo during university semester breaks and over the summer as interns, allowing for adequate time off to take holiday or study breaks.
  • Be committed to New Zealand, with an intention of living and working in the country following graduation.

Preference is given to applicants who might otherwise not be able to pursue university study or a career in electrical engineering, for financial or other reasons. Applicants who are the first in their family to secure a place at university will also be given preference.
An Ergo scholarship may be held concurrently with other awards or scholarships, though preference will be given to students for whom this would be their only form of support.

Terms – what’s it worth?

Subject to satisfactory performance, Ergo provides funds for each year of study on an increasing scale:

  • Year One (Common Year) $1,000
  • Year One (Professional – electrical engineering) $2,000
  • Year Two (Professional – electrical engineering) $4,000
  • Year Three (Professional – electrical engineering) $8,000

Recipients of the scholarship will be paid in two instalments each year, at the start of the first and second semesters.

Students are required to work at Ergo during semester breaks and will receive a Living Wage.
Students who successfully complete the programme will be automatically short-listed and interviewed for a place on the Ergo Graduate Programme which is a permanent role following successful completion of undergraduate studies.

Students will be supported during their study by a mentor. The mentor will be an engineer employed by Ergo who will help guide the student during his/her university years.

Performance – what do I have to do?
Applications are invited each year with a closing date of late Feb/early March. This requires a full CV with a covering letter explaining why the student should be awarded a scholarship. This should be sent to our recruitment team, Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview and may be required to undertake tests.

The intention is to provide one scholarship each year, though there may be years when Ergo makes no award or makes multiple awards, depending on the quality of applicants.
To continue to hold the scholarship, the recipient must maintain a full-time degree programme of study at the University of Auckland or Canterbury with a grade average of at least a grade point average of at least 6.00, equivalent to B+. These results must be submitted to Ergo when applying for successive years of the scholarship.

Students must also demonstrate good behaviour while at university or when working at Ergo.

The award of each year of scholarship will be dependent on successful completion of the previous year.

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