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Triton Substation 33/11kV Upgrade

Ergo was engaged by Powerco to undertake the detailed design for the zone substation upgrade at Triton.

The scope of the design included replacing the existing 33/11kV transformers, the outdoor 33kV switchyard, the 11kV switchboard and associated protection and auxiliary systems. Ergo also undertook the civil and structural design associated with the project, including a new switchroom for the future 33kV switchboard, the 11kV switchgear going in during the initial stage and associated protection.

Due to space constraints on the existing site, and the criticality of the site to the network, the design had to allow for multiple stages during construction to ensure the existing substation remained operational at all times. Ergo developed a comprehensive staging plan which included outage requirements, electrical and civil/structural works at each stage and temporary and final protection settings.

The site is now live and entering its second construction stage.

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